Roman Box Room by Tryphena Orchard

Amazing Spaces Challenge Now Open to All

In 2019 Gold Hill Museum was given a collection of superb hand-made dolls’ houses made by Tryphena Orchard, and this year we are exhibiting them with the stories of the people who ‘lived’ in them. There are two large semi-detached houses, a Tudor tearoom, and four individual rooms, each with a theme, including a Roman room, and a Victorian parlour.

We would like to set you the challenge of making your own ‘Amazing Space’, about the size of a shoe-box, and using everyday materials you can find easily at home. Your Amazing Space could be a room in a house, a shop, a garden or something completely original. It can be a replica of a real room, or an imaginary place. Each room needs to have its own story about the people who lived in it or used it.

When you have finished your room, please take a photo of it and email it to

Miniature Garden Terrace by Tryphena Orchard
Miniature Garden Terrace by Tryphena Orchard

We will print the pictures with the story and put up some of the entries on-line and alongside our own dolls’ house exhibition. When we are able to open, we may ask you to bring in your Amazing Space so we can show our visitors the real thing!

Please send your entries to us by Wednesday March 31st.

Good luck everyone and we look forward very much to seeing your Amazing Spaces.

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