Diary of Events

EVENTS 2019 – 2020

The Temporary Exhibition for 2020 focused on the making of the famous Hovis Bread commercial by Ridley Scott in 1973, and included memorabilia kindly loaned by the family of Dennis Dunkley who worked for the Collett, Dickenson and Pearce advertising agency. CDP devised the slogan “As good for you today as it’s always been” which chimed perfectly with the atmosphere and tone of the five shots of Ridley Scott’s film.

May 2019 marked the centenary of the Sale of Shaftesbury. In fact, most of the properties in the town were sold three times between September 1918 and May 1919, as Matthew Tagney showed in a fascinating exhibition in the Small Exhibition Room. Hugh Grosvenor, second Baron Stalbridge, wrote to his tenants in February 1918 that “owing to the heavy death duties payable on my succession to the property … I am compelled to sell a large portion of my estates.” In the first instance this portion was bought by a speculator, James White, who very quickly sold to a Syndicate of three local men, including the current and a former Mayor. The exhibition showed how many of the open spaces enjoyed by modern Shastonians were preserved by generous decisions made by Dr Harris, Alderman Borley and Mr Herbert Viney. Other public amenities still in use were campaigned for, and won, by the Welfare Association founded after the Sale.

“The deficiency of water is a fruitful source of evil to the poor in Shaftesbury” wrote Turbulent Quaker, John Rutter, in 1849. In the Large Exhibition Room Janet Swiss took a long chronological look at the intriguing story of Water and Wells in Shaftesbury. This featured the Byzant Ceremony but also less well-known episodes such as the Grosvenor-funded building of the Waterworks at Barton Hill (where the Swimming Pool uses part of the old pumping system) and the Great Freeze of 1895 when the only unfrozen tap in the centre of town was made freely available to fellow Shastonians by Mr J.T. Peach. Janet hoped locals would be able to add details and dots to the map of otherwise forgotten wells and cisterns.

Over the winter period Gold Hill Museum offers a series of monthly lectures for members of The Shaftesbury & District Historical Society and for the public. The published programme is liable to alteration and cancellation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tisbury History Society also provides an interesting programme of lectures in the Hinton Hall, Tisbury at 7.30p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month. Gillingham Local History Society meets on the third Tuesday of the month in the Methodist Church Hall, High Street, Gillingham (times vary).

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Map of Shaftesbury properties for sale in 1919

Detail of the map of properties for sale in 1919

The Great Freeze of February 1895

Mr J.T. Peach had the only unfrozen tap in Salisbury Street during the Great Freeze of February and March 1895